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We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding the order, products or anything you would like to know about our brand.

You can reach us at +421 901 712 897, Monday to Friday 10 AM – 5 PM (10:00 – 17.00) or fill the form below, which we will receive by e-mail and the response will come as soon as possible.



1. How often do you add new items?

New items are usually added once or twice a month. It depends on the season as well as how successful is the product.

2. Are the collections limited?

Yes, every collection is limited to 50 pieces, which means that you can be sure you’ll be unique!

3. I really like one product, unfortunately, it’s sold out. What should I do?

Try dropping us a message at about the product and we will suggest a solution.

4. What’s the delivery time of the hand-made products?

Hand-made products are usually delivered in 1 week.



5. How can I choose the right sizing?

There’s a detailed description with the dimensions and materials used next to each product.

6. What happens if I find out that the product doesn’t fit or it’s not what I expected?

You can simply fill in the returns form and return the product in an undamaged condition. We will exchange it or refund the amount to your bank account.



7. How secure is the online payment?

You pay through Slovenska Sporitelna (part of Erste Bank), which is secure and protected against any third-party interference, therefore the payment on our e-shop is completely safe.

8. What is Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.)?

If you choose C.O.D., the courier or mailman will ask for the money when delivering the product to you.



9. How long is the delivery?

Depends on the country of the order. In the case of the courier delivery in Slovakia, the shipment should be delivered in 24 hours since handing the good over to the courier. If you choose Slovak Post, the delivery usually takes 2 to 3 days.

For the international delivery, it usually takes up to one week by post service, and 2-3 working days when you choose delivery by courier.

10. Can I come and simply pick-up my order personally?

  • Yes, the place of the pick-up is Tanečná škola DanceCool, Ovsištské námestie 1, 85104 Bratislava, Slovakia. You only need to show the order number at the reception.



11. Why should I register at

You’ll get a couple of benefits, including an easier process at the checkout or that we will be able to personalize your shopping experience after some time.

12. Why should I subscribe to the newsletter?

You’ll be the first one to receive all the news. From time to time we send special promotions or discounts exclusively to our subscribers. The e-mails are sent once or twice a week because we don’t want to bother the customer by daily spam.


We offer three kinds of delivery:


  • GLS courier service – the price is 3,20 EUR (possibility of cash on delivery/C.O.D – additional 0,50 EUR) – the delivery is maximum 48 hours from dispatch.
  • Slovak Post – the price is 2 EUR (possibility of C.O.D. – additional 0,50 EUR) – the delivery is 2 – 3 days from dispatch.
  • Pick-up in person – at the address: Dance School DanceCool, Ovsištské námestie 1, 84501 Bratislava, Slovakia. You can pick up the order from Monday to Friday 3 PM – 6 PM or at before hand arranged time.


If you wish to send a gift directly to someone, you can get the products gift wrapped on the page of the product, if you would like to add a message or a greeting, you can do so at the checkout. If the item is going straight to the gifted person, there will be no information about the price nor the invoice.


We ship worldwide, however, the prices may vary. You will be able to see the delivery cost at the checkout after you choose the country. When shipping internationally, you have the option of Slovak Post and GLS courier service.


You can contact as at regarding information about the order and we will check the status of delivery ourselves.



The orders can be paid by a bank card, we accept VISA and MasterCard.





All payments go through slovak bank Slovenska Sporitelna (member of Erste group), which guarantees the security of all transactions on our e-shop.



If you want to return the products purchased on our e-shop, you can do so by following:

1. Download the return notes HERE.

2. Send us the item, that you wantto return, on our adress: Kattiva s.r.o.,Ovsištské námestie 1, 85104 Bratislava together with a filled return note.

3. As soon as we recieve the product, we will sort out your case. You can send us an message at, and we will wait for it.


If you change your mind about the order, you have 14 days to return in without any reason on your own expenses. After we receive the return form together with the undamaged products, you will either receive a refund or you can choose something in exchange in the same amount of the returned product.


We try to pack the items to prevent this from happening, however, it may happen that something happens to the package on the way to you. In this case, follow the same steps as mentioned in the previous case. The expenses are on us if something as such occurs. Send us the package and put the postage as C.O.D.


If something happens to the item within the 1st month and you would like to return it, follow these steps:

  • Get the product into a package which is similar to the one you received
  • Fill in the returns note and put it into the package
  • Contact us at with your issue, and we will send a courier to you
  • The courier will call you in order to pick up the package, he will also have the sticker for the package
  • When we receive the product, we will try to sort everything out as soon as possible, which may take up to 5 days, but not more

Temporary tattoos

Temporary body and hair tattoos are one of the hottest trends, which will brighten up your look and definitely make it unique!

Spice up your outfit at a festival, party or a concert, add some ornaments to your body during the swimsuit time in summer. Temporary tattoos are ‘in’ everywhere on your skin where people can see it!

Temporary tattoos have become a very fashionable accessory of celebrities, bloggers and fashionistas all over the world. Don’t wait any longer and get your own sheet with various tattoo designs and be the star of every summer party!

How to apply temporary tattoos?

You’ll be surprised how easy it is! Apply your tattoo on clean, dry skin without any lotion. Cut out your preferred design. If you want to apply it around your wrist or ankle, measure it and shorten if needed. Take off the clear film and place the tattoo face down on your skin. Press a damp cloth over the tattoo paper for about 30 seconds. Then peel of the paper and wait 5 more minutes until the tattoo is completely dry.

How long do they stay on?

The tattoos last around 3 – 6 days, however, it depends on your aftercare and the placement. It’s necessary to avoid oils, soaps, body lotions and tanning products. We do not recommend applying the mentioned products directly on the tattoo or near it.

How to remove the tattoo?

Apply olive, coconut or baby oil to your skin and leave it on for 1 minute. Then remove the tattoo with a cloth. Repeat the step if there are any remaining parts of the tattoo. If you want to remove the tattoo from your hair, you need to rub your hair with a cloth where the tattoo is placed.

How many tattoos are in one set?

The size of each tattoo sheet may vary and is always stated in the product details.


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